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Rusholme & Victoria Park Archive

A very special day for Rusholme & William Royle

William Royle speaking at the opening ceremony

Although the Park was formally opened by the Lord Mayor, Charles Behrens, William Royle spoke about the Park being saved for the children. Those who had been at the Rusholme meeting 3 years earlier (which called upon the City Council to buy the Platt Estate), must have felt particularly pleased.
In this photograph William Royle is surrounded by civic dignitaries, it appears to be raining as umbrellas are up.
On the back of this postcard the message reads,
'Dear Daisy,
This is a good photo of my boss speaking at the opening of Platt Fields, Bert'

Dear Daisy

Photographs below, commemorative vase from the Platt Fields Opening.

Commemorative vase
Close-up vase illustration

The postcard below is dated May 27th 1910, although not of very good quality it is probably the oldest view of Platt Lake and may have been taken either on or very near to the official opening of Platt Fields.

Platt Fields boating lake May 1910

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