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Rusholme & Victoria Park Archive

Sarah Corbett, 1841-1918, Landscape Painter.

Sarah Corbett was born in 1841 in Broughton, nr Salford, Lancashire. Her father was an architect who later became the Borough Engineer for Salford, so her family background was fairly prosperous. Sarah was able to pursue her career as an artist, describing her occupation in the 1871 census as, ‘Landscape Painter’.
Sarah was one of six children and with two sisters remained unmarried, the three sisters sharing a home together. In the 1901 census the sisters were living at ‘The Bower’, a fine house in Yealand Conyers, near Lancaster, all giving their occupation as ‘own means’.
The seven sketches that I have shown below were part of a collection published by a Manchester printer, George Faulkner of ‘The Deansgate Press’. The title refers to sketches in Rusholme and Burnage, I will display the Burnage drawings at a later date. All of the illustrations are dated either 1887 or 1888.
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Folder Cover, undated

Birch Hall

Birch Hall circa 1888

Birch Hall from the Fields 1887

Birch Hall 1887

Birch Hall from the Garden 1887

Birch Hall from the Garden 1887

Birch Cottage 1888

Birch Cottage 1888

St James Church, Birch-in-Rusholme, 1887

St. James 1887

Holy Innocents Church and Small Oak Farm 1888

Holy Innocents 1888

Holy Trinity, Platt, from the grounds of Platt Hall

Holy Trinity, Platt 1888