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Rusholme & Victoria Park Archive

The Boating Lake, always popular!!

The Smart Set!

So very smartly dressed...........postcard dated 1926

So very smartly dressed.............

Childrens Paddling Pool 1923 (below)

Childrens Paddling Pool 1923

Britain at War, May 1941.

Even during the second world war the lake, below, was very popular, young people and parents, (looking anxious), gave families a moment of escape from the heavy bombing that 6 months previously had claimed nearly 700 lives in Manchester.

May 1941

Close-up photo below, small vase, made of Grafton china and retailed in a shop, 'Lee of Rusholme'

A small commemorative vase of Grafton china.

Close-up photo above, small vase, made of Grafton china and retailed in a shop, 'Lee of Rusholme'

When those poor men laboured away through the winter of 1908-09, moving tons of earth to create the lake and the island, apparently without mechanical excavators, I wonder if they realised how popular this part of the Park would become.

1913 Postcard below, The Boathouse

1913 Postcard

The view below must have been a very windy day!

A windy day in the 1920's

There are endless pictures of the lake, so many have children playing by the waterside, some 50 boats or more could be hired for rowing around the lake, whilst two motor launches, (one named William Royle), could take the less energetic around the island.

Platt Lake 1910
The Lake 1914
Young boy fishing
Rowing skiffs in colour, undated
The Lake 1949
Boathouse 1930ish
Undated, looking in an easterly direction.
Platt Lake 1920's

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